Have you always wanted to make jewelry but didn’t
know how to get started?


Have you always wanted to make jewelry but didn’t know how to get started?


Jennifer has Level 3 certification in Precious Metal Clay, is a Graduate Jeweler and is certified by the Jewelers Association as a Bench Jewelry Technician.  Jennifer is a consummate learner and has taken courses with other well-known jewelers including Michael Boyd, Marne Ryan, Jean Stark, Valentin Yotkov, Cynthia Eid, CeCe Wire, Harold O-Connor, Lind Kindler-Priest, Kent Raible and many others.  It is an honor to be a student and a privilege to teach others.


Jennifer has taught jewelry making skills to all levels from beginning to advanced techniques.  During her studies in graduate school she taught advanced chemistry to undergraduates and as a private tutor.  This is where she found her love of teaching and helping students to learn their own learning processes.  Jennifer has the rare ability to meet you at your level and find what works for the individual.   Her classes are fun and she allows your creative ability to flourish stepping in to guide you gently and with a sense of humor on your own path.


Jennifer offers a broad range of classes based on specific preplanned projects or can base a class on the ideas that each student wishes to create.


Classes are currently being offered privately at her studio located in beautiful Boulder, CO, at Clear Creek Academy of Jewelry and Metal Arts (http://www.clearcreekacademy.com) in Denver, or through BoMA ( Boulder Metal Smithing Association ) in Boulder. Jennifer is also member of the Colorado Metalsmithing Association http://www.coloradometalsmiths.org .


Techniques that Jennifer teaches include:  soldering, fusing, riveting, enameling, PMC (Precious Metal Clay), forming, granulation, forging, beading, design, stone setting, metaphysical properties of gemstones and so much more.  Please inquire with Jennifer directly to set up a course tailored to your specific needs.