Jennifer Knollenberg’s fine jewelry celebrates the marriage of chemistry, alchemy and aesthetics. She believes that jewelry is a personal statement and is fascinated by the role jewelry plays in our lives, celebrating milestones, honoring successes and inspiring emotions.

Throughout history, people have explored the spiritual, metaphysical and healing properties of gems, mineral and precious metals. She has been inspired by the alchemical properties of these materials and how they can be used for personal transformation. Her work designing and fabricating jewelry is itself a process of transformation, a marriage of the chemistry of metals and gems with the alchemy of creativity.

Jennifer was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. As is often the case, Jennifer did not begin her adult life as an artist. Her early roots began in chemistry and food science where she developed a love of creating art with food. Jennifer feels that her creative spark was truly ignited when she completed the graduate jeweler program at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and apprenticed with a San Francisco area jewelry designer.

As Jennifer’s work evolved, she merged her love of exploration, thirst for knowledge and her scientific background with her dynamic creative expression. The result has been exquisite jewelry to inspire your spirit, enhance your inner self and allow the essential you to shine.

Today, in addition to her designs, Jennifer offers a range of classes, please click here to learn more. You can purchase your own treasure by visiting her Esty store: QueenoftheKastl  or by contacting Jennifer directly here if something in the Gallery strikes your fancy. You may also stumble upon Jennifer’s work at galleries and exclusive jewelry stores throughout the country.Please inquire with Jennifer directly to set up a course tailored to your specific needs.